The Community Identity and Displacement Research Network

The Community, Identity and Displacement Research Network (CIDRN) is a public intellectual space where research activities are encouraged and promoted. This broad network aims to draw together and foster scholarly investigation of new diasporas and changing meanings of displacement and identity. It is an intellectual space where new questions about indigeneity, racism, refugees, sense of place, social inclusion, social justice, transnationalism and xenophobia can be raised, debated and discussed.

Research activities associated with the CIDRN will cover a range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives. The network will also explore and enable new theoretical and methodological interventions around issues of identity, displacement and community in a global and local context.

Given that this network is concerned with the social and political dynamics of a sense of place, we are particularly interested in work focussing on Melbourne's West. This locality, with its rich history of migration and diversity provides an important site for the investigation of displacement, identity, community and change and the interaction between the local and global.


  • Construct and share knowledge that will contribute to social change agendas
  • Contribute to the research culture within the School and University
  • Provide an opportunity for researchers, community members and practitioners to develop networks and partnerships
  • Provide opportunity for postgraduate students and other researchers to lead scholarly activity within the network
  • Foster the research culture and collegiality within the School and wider academic community.
  • Develop the research capacity of staff and students participating in the network
  • Encourage creative, performative and visual responses to challenges of displacement, identity and community transformation


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College of Arts

Victoria University

PO Box 14428

Melbourne 8001